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Darth Moros: General Profile

Photo by Tony Julius Photography

Race: Togruta

Gender: Female

Skin Color: Red/orange

Birth Place: Shili

Current Allegiance: Sith

Rank: Inquisitor

Fighting Style: Form VI

Master: Ayla Demigar

Apprentice: Rizzix Demigar

Lightsaber: Moros wields a saber staff, which she named Kurakul. The name is derived from her father, Kurak, and the Akul, a vicious enemy of the Togruta from her home world of Shili. The two together represent her taste for revenge, which was a strong drive for her after her father’s murder and after her enslavement following, and overcoming stronger opponents and situations, like the Akul who killed many of her people in her youth. Kurakul’s hilt is longer than the average saber and made of native metals and trinkets from her home world, as well as pieces of her father’s hunting spear, which she recovered when she returned home after many years. It’s heavy in weight and decorated with various trophies from her most meaningful kills such as teeth, bones, beads, and furs. The weapon is long and sturdy, providing a far reach in combat as well as weighted blows to her opponents. Being imbued with two separate saber crystals allows Moros to separate and used it as dual weapons.

Strengths: Moros is strong in the force and relies strongly on it in combat. When Moros fully discovered her force sensitivity it was during her escape from slavery. She has a strong sense of her surroundings and can read situations quickly and efficiently, which aids her in battle. Though she has strong combat skills, her true strength is in her use of the force, as made evident when she demolished a slave ship during her escape. She is fond of force push/pull, force choke, and other strategies that can throw off or defeat her enemies. She also uses the force to deliver stronger blows on her opponents, but even so, she uses her saber more for show and distraction and prefers force strategy and physical combat if the option is open.

Darth Moros. She’s my OC Star Wars character and something I’ve been working on for almost two years now. Wow…it really doesn’t feel like that long, but yes! Moros is almost two years old! I first debuted her at Wondercon ’15 with a horribly patchy makeup job because I was unable to airbrush myself at the time and chose to be super smart and sport a bare midriff! My headpiece was crap. It was stiff and painful and I slapped on perhaps the most simple paint job of all time and called it good. I also kind of just threw on some scraps of fabric and VOILA! I had a Sith Togruta. 

So I chose to do a Togruta for a few reasons. I first did an OC named Sinya, a Twi’lek smuggler that I actually thoroughly enjoyed, however the headpiece was uncomfortable and to be honest, the Twi’lek crowd was getting a little too thick and I wanted something new. So I challenged myself and asked “what HAVEN’T I thought of?” That’s when I decided to do a Torgruta and not only that, but I REALLY wanted to do a Sith, so I combined the two and created Darth Moros. Who knew I’d grow obsessed with her…

After a lot of sifting through menacing names and phrases in other languages from the German word for chaos (I can’t remember what these things are…come on) to the Russian word for death, etc. Nothing quite stuck, so I narrowed it down to three names, posted them on my social media, and begged for help. In the end, Moros was fated to be my Sith’s name. Moros is the name of a Greek spirit/being of impending doom and once I put the name alongside “Darth” I was done. It was perfect.

Once I had a name and a species, I began to create the backstory:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To Be Continued <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<